About Us

hs-sign_pictureThe Elwood Chamber of Commerce is the energizing and vitalizing force of the community. It seeks to unite all industrial, commercial, and civic interests for the purpose of concerted action in supporting those activities which are broader than any single business or industry, but which promote the welfare of the entire Elwood area.

We pride ourself as a working partnership of businesses, professionals, industries, and concerned citizens who are joined together for the purpose of advancing our community. It is an organization of people who know the wisdom of coordinating their efforts under effective leadership and who are committes to the success of our City.

The Chamber was established in 1938, and is an independent non-profit organization dedicated to serving as an advocate for its members the local business community and to advance economic development through the area. The staff, Board of Directors and committee of volunteers work to unite the industrial, governmental and civic interests of the community.

We work closely with city, county and state officials to attract new businesses and industries to the area and to keep current businesses in the community. The Chamber operates with a Board of Directors representing industry, service, and civic, retail, religious and governmental interests.

Each spring the Chamber sponsors the Home, Health and Garden Show which is held at the Elwood Community High School. During the months of June, July and August, the Chamber sponsors the weekly Pride Award and the Farmer’s Market located at the Elwood Municipal Building. The Chamber is supported by its membership and various fundraising projects including the annual Glass Festival held the third weekend of August at Callaway Park. Red Gold and the Chamber partner for the Red Gold Chili Cook-Off which is held the second Saturday of October, another event to bring together the businesses and citizens of Elwood. The Chamber membership is open to businesses, civic and service organizations as well as families and individuals.